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About Elduets

Elduets Treasures of the World started on-line in the fall of 2000. In November of 2001, we opened our first off-line store in Florida, first in a mall, then in the spring of 2003 we expanded to our own independent store. Throughout this time we have intermittently offered items on-line, and as of April 2004 we now offer a continuous and growing selection of items on-line. Also in the fall of 2004, we opened our second store in Augusta, Georgia.

Throughout our growth, we have maintained high standards for quality and workmanship in our selection of merchandise, while taking continuous steps to keep our valued treasures reasonably priced. Most of our items are brought in directly from their countries of origin, eliminating the stateside wholesale "middlemen" who add to the cost. In this way, our prices stay generally below market price, if you can even find them elsewhere in the U.S. We have found that in some cases we are even able to sell our items at or below what some other retailers pay to buy the same items wholesale!

We have put the success of our business in God's hands and give God the glory for the astounding growth we have had while most other companies seem to struggle to survive economic downturns. We credit our success to God's favor, our commitment to quality, reasonable pricing, superior service and outstanding selection that continues to expand month after month.

What we are -

Elduets Treasures of the World is an international theme gift store. We order the large majority of our merchandise direct from the manufacturers, dealers, families and tribes in their countries of origin.

What we do-

We bring together 'treasures' from nations around the globe. We have items from Peru, Korea, Japan, Israel, Russia, Ukraine, Indonesia, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Egypt, Kenya, Canada, Holland, Poland, Scotland, England, Germany, Greece, Ireland, India, Pakistan, Brazil, the United States, Mexico and many more. The last confirmed count included 75 different countries. See the bottom of this page for a more complete list. In our stores you will find pottery, woodcarvings, wood furniture accessories, jewelry, stationary, cloisonné, gemstone art, globes, clay sculptures, crystal, metal, paper, glass, bone, straw, cloth and much more, along with many other items both decorative and functional. The list of countries and selection of items continues to grow every month - literal works of art in all of them. We enjoy researching new selections and are very passionate about developing our merchandise assortment.

Where we have come from -

Elduets initially opened for business on-line in September of 2000 with one product line from the Republic of Korea. In November of 2001, we opened our first store in Daytona Beach, Florida with items from Korea and China. Since then, we have added new suppliers and items nearly every month. We now represent a part of all six populated continents on the globe - our goal is to represent as many cultures around the world as possible, and continue to expand the selection of merchandise, bringing the many beautiful works that we have seen to you at affordable prices.

In the spring of 2003, we were excited to relocate from the mall into our own separate store in the downtown shopping district of DeLand, FL just around the corner from the county courthouse, then later expand into a larger location just a block away, still downtown on Woodland Blvd. near the courthouse. You can find directions to our Florida store here.

During this growth, we have also developed our web site here at: http://www.elduets.com. On July 22, 2002 we opened our eBay store online. The store is closed, but you can see our 100% positive feedback here. In early 2009 we transferred and expanded our listings onto our new site listing at eBid. We are currently working on expanding this selection as well.

We also opened a store in Augusta, GA in April 2002, but due to military and family obligations of two of our owners - family is a top priority in our company - we chose to close that location temporarily. As of April 2004, the military service was complete, and we have re-opened for business in our store in downtown Augusta. You can find more about our current location, including directions and schedules here. In the past we also set up in the Post Exchange at Fort Gordon, Fury's Ferry Station and at the VA hospital, so you may have seen a sampling of our merchandise there.

We want to continue to offer our thanks to our military members who we were proud and happy to serve at Fort Gordon for over 5 1/2 years. It was a difficult decision to discontinue, but our business off base has grown to the point we can no longer divide our attention, as well as ensuring time for our own growing family.

Standards We Work By:

Culture and Learning -

Elduets Treasures of the World is a family owned and operated business developed with the intent of cultural exploration through artistic creations from an ever growing variety of cultures around the world. We have learned in our own travels the amazing diversity of creative expressions present in our world, and that gaining an understanding of other people helps us better understand our own lives and cultures.

While we are primarily gift stores, most of our gifts are works of art rich in history and offer insight into the lives of the people who made them. In each store we strive to offer as much background about what we carry as possible. We enjoy learning about others and ourselves as well as sharing this knowledge with you.

Authenticity -

Because of the significance of our items, we also strive for authenticity in what we carry, and this has been recognized by our visitors from other countries. Nearly every item you find in our stores is authentic from the culture it represents. We have authentic steins from Germany, Delftware from Holland, nesting dolls from Russia, Native American art and jewelry made in Indian villages, papyrus from Egypt, instruments from many countries, and so much more. Many foreign visitors have commented that they feel like they are at home again when they come into our store.

Community -

We believe that owning a business is not just about making money. Owning a business brings with it the responsibility of using the business resources to help as well. We offer this help in several ways:

Direct donations of a minimum of 10% of company profits to local non-profit groups.
Offering unique fundraisers to your organization, both through catalog orders of our distinctive merchandise and offering a percentage of in-store sales for those you refer - a double benefit we have not seen any other fundraiser offer. We do the selling for you, just send them in!
Supporting local community improvement initiatives as resources permit.

For the Artist -

We are committed to ensuring not only that our customers receive a good arrangement, but also our artists both local and abroad. We have several verified fair trade suppliers, and to the best of our knowledge every item we carry is what is known as "fair trade." Fair trade means adherence to a strict set of ethical practices including ensuring that the artists are paid fair market wages for their work, provided safe and humane working conditions, and no abusive child or forced labor. Some lines from certain tribes in the United States and Africa include items made by children, but that is because they are traditional family crafts they are learning and practicing, not in forced labor conditions. These would be socially comparable to if parents in a U.S. city were to sell crafts their child made in school; of course, the style of work is much different than what is normally taught in most schools.

For the customer -

Finally, we strive to make every reasonable effort to ensure that each customer is pleased with his or her experience with Elduets Treasures of the World. We also highly respect your privacy. Elduets will safeguard your personal information and not share it with anyone outside the company without your explicit approval except as required or allowed by law. We will not spam or otherwise bother you with excessive annoying unrelated emails, phone calls, etc. At the same time, we also strive to maintain open communication during any transaction or service we provide. We do our best to respect your desired level of contact.

What you can find with us -

We strive to keep this list below as updated as possible. We have had successful stores in Augusta, GA and DeLand, FL representing over 75 different countries and counting from all six populated continents! We have closed these physical locations to pursue the next stage of our growth online. You can shop on-line at our eBid store. We plan to return to physical stores even better than before after establishing our operation securely online.

We also have what we call "street buys" - these are when we are traveling in a country and find something of great quality in a "street shop" but do not know of a source to reorder them after we leave. In this case we buy what is available and send it back. We then try to find the source, but this often takes some time and is not always successful. For these items, we have a very limited quantity available, and when we run out, we may not carry them again for a very long time. Some of these items may be shown in pictures thoughout the site.

Costa Rica
Czech Republic
El Salvador
Saudi Arabia
South Africa
Sri Lanka
   (Both Modern
   & Native American)
Vietnam, North
Vietnam, South
And More ! ! !
Note: This list may vary slightly as availability of items from some nations is intermittent.

Now that we have told you a little about our store, we look forward to showing you some of our many treasures from around the world!

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